Invoice Generator: Why to Need It?

Looking to send an invoice right now? Use our online invoice generator or one of our downloadable, printable and fully customizable invoice templates!

The modern world lives at high speeds. It means, that time is the most significant value we take care of. Gone are the days when everything was done by hand. This applies to every aspect of our lives including managing business. Conducting one's business at high level increases the quality, profit to the owner as well as provides the owner with a flow of satisfied customers. For that one has to be quick to sell one goods or services.

So, what should one do to achieve these goals?

No matter if you are a businessman or self-employed. If you have a product to sell or a service to offer, you will need the best tools for that. And an invoice generator is your best helper, when it comes to billing and collecting money.

Invoices: evolution and benefits

But first, let's focus on invoices. What are they? These are commercial documents that are issued by sellers to buyers to get payments. These files usually include the price of products or services, payment terms, detailed information of the seller and client. But let's have a look at their evolution process.

A few years ago, invoices were hand-written on paper. Such documents contained seals or signatures and included the main details of the modern invoices. The process itself was very time-consuming.

With the advent of personal computers, compiling invoices has become easier and quicker. Such documents are known as electronic.

Currently, having such devices as laptops, tablet computers and smartphones as well as access to high-speed Internet, one can create online invoices. Choosing the online invoice format means that the invoicing process itself has become safe, comfortable, as well as instant and effective. So, it's highly beneficial.

What are the other benefits of using online invoices?

    1. They help both sellers and buyers to track the payments made.

    2. They help to keep accurate sales records.

    3. They simplify the process of paying the proper amount of taxes to companies.

    4. They serve as a legal agreement between sellers and buyers on the products sold/bought and the price fixed.

Invoice Generator: General Overview

Now, it's high time to find out how you can create them online and what you need for that. Of course, you can use Microsoft Word to create the document from scratch, but in the modern world the best tool to use for creating invoices is an invoice generator. This tool allows you to create professional invoices with one click and minimizes the possibility to make a mistake. It also simplifies the process of collecting money. Numerous websites offer it for free, such as Zintego, Invoice2go, FreshBooks, Zoho, Shopify, to mention a few.

Invoice Templates: What for?

To make your life easier, websites that offer invoice makers also offer invoice templates. The offered layouts are mainly free, contain all the necessary elements of the invoice and help your document look professionally. In addition, you can create, edit, and customize your invoice, as well as use this template afterwards.

Concerning their types, they exist as tax, simple, and business invoices. They also can be differentiated by

    - industry (sales invoice template, travel & tourism invoice, medical invoice, consultant invoice among many);

    - country (UK Invoice no VAT, Euro Invoice, Canada GST Invoice, etc)

    - language (Online Rechnungsvorlage, Online Faktura Mal, Modele de facture, etc.).

Invoice Generator and Invoice Templates: How to Use

So, what you need to do, is to choose the invoice maker and a template, then find the word 'Invoice', then add the company's logo, invoice number, relevant dates, your contact information, your client's contact information. After that, add item description with its quantity, rate, amount, and applicable tax. Finally, terms and conditions, as well as total amount with right currency should be rendered in this document. Thus, you need to fill in all these sections. Note, that the process is not difficult as the sections are displayed and the free invoice template is user-friendly.

Having created your online invoice due to the online invoice generator, you can easily save it, download in pdf, and/or send it in a minute and get paid in a short span of time. Since invoice generators are cloud-based, all you need to have is a working internet-enabled device. So, it's quite easy to conduct business, sell goods or offer services and increase your profit.


To sum up, the process of creating invoices can be really tedious and time-consuming. But not now, in the digital era. One can easily find a free online invoice generator and choose the necessary invoice template. Due to this tool the process of creating invoices has become automatic. One can make professional invoices just in several minutes on the go and send it with one click. Your life really gets easier when you value your time and money and make simple decisions.